Days at WSA are filled with surfing, yoga, adventure, and of course... relaxation.

Wake to the sound of the ocean off in the distance, grab yourself some amazing Costa Rican coffee and some freshly cut fruit before heading down to the beach. Roughly only a three minute walk before your feet hits the sand, we will begin each mornings 2 hour lesson on the sand with some discussion about surf theory, safety, and etiquette, then an assessment of your surfing techniques, and finally warm-up our bodies with some pranayama breathing and some yoga asanas. We will then hit the water and individualized pointers will be given before, during, and after your lesson in order for you to work on specific things that will help you improve your surfing. Instructor to student ration is 3 to 1 so that you receive the special attention you deserve.

Women's Surf Adventures A Typical Day

After the a.m. lesson we’ll head back for breakfast and then you will have some free time before your choice of yoga, pilates, or meditation. If you want to opt out and just hang out by the pool, read a good book, or go for a walk, this is of course up to you. After class, we re-group and head out for a late nutritious and healthy lunch. Vegetarian/vegan meals are available and are not only healthy choices but also super delicious. The WSA programs encourage and support guests in healthy choices with options that can involve offering detoxifying cleanses during your stay.


Each afternoon is planned with an activity such as zip line/canopy tours, a hike, massage, spa treatments, gym classes, salsa dancing, and more. After an amazing day of surfing and adventure, it is time to celebrate your accomplishments and continue to nurture yourself with a girls night out to one of Nosara’s amazing restaurants. You will have the chance to dine out at different locations during your stay to provide you with the chance to enjoy the incredible food around town. Three of the six nights are group dinners and the other three are not included in your package so that you can go and/or do whatever your heart desires on those nights.


We will drive to different restaurant locations and guests have full menu access at all establishments. You never have to worry about getting home safely as you will be dropped back off at your hotel after dinner between 8:00-8:30pm for you to do with what you want with your evening. Time for some shuteye before waking up to repeat it all over again. If this sounds like BLISS to you, register now as space is limited in each weekly group.

Pura Vida!